Martial arts and combat sports – effective on the streets?

Martial arts and combat sports – effective on the streets?

Martial arts, as the name suggests, teach how to fight. Meanwhile, in the street self-defense is most needed, because usually the opponents are more than one and can be armed. What martial art is best suited to the street and allow yourself or your loved ones to be defended? The answer is not simple at all.

Krav maga, Muay Thai, MMA, or Kick Boxing?

It is these three martial arts that are listed as the most effective on the street, but it is worth noting that none of them is effective. What’s more, there are situations when it’s best to simply take your legs by the belt instead of showing off with spectacular kicks or turns.

You have to be able to assess the situation and know when the fight can have the desired effect, and when it is better to find an escape route as soon as possible. Regardless of which of these martial arts you choose, you will always be able to count on the so-called psychological factor, sometimes it is enough to present a few effective moves in order for the opponent to give up the attack.

What are the characteristics of the mentioned martial arts? Here is a short description in terms of usefulness in the street:

Krav maga is a military style in which you can learn what is most important on the street, i.e. liberating aggression, paving the way to escape by eliminating one opponent and the ability to rise after a knocking blow. In this fight, among other things, kicks into the crotch are used,

Muay Thai – this is the so-called hit style, in which the most important is the reflexes and sense of time and sparring upholstery. In this martial art a great emphasis is put on the wedge, whose mastery allows you to quickly defeat your opponent. In addition, the most important weapons in this martial art are elbow and knee blows, as well as kicks.

This style allows you to emerge victoriously from the jerkbait, which is common during street fights,

MMA – mixed martial arts is a mix of styles, in which you can find elements of boxing, muay thai, wrestling and other martial arts. MMA takes into account all combat stress – ground floor, wedge and stand-up, but remember that it allows you to fight with only one opponent at the same time, kick boxing – in street fighting, strong fist and foot strokes characteristic of this fight, especially low-kickers, are very useful.


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