I have been doing light contact kickboxing since 2001. Kickboxing is a fighting sport, which consists of different, partly Asian fighting sports. In my opinion kickboxing is less influenced by a spiritual spirit. It is rather a competitive sport and the kickboxing philosophy (if there is one or more) is influenced by the psychological approach to a competition in general and in particular to a one against one competition.

Kickboxing combines hand and foot techniques (punches and kicks) whereby kicks and punches below the belt line as well as the use of knees and elbows are forbidden (in contrast to the related Muay Thai) An exception are the sweeps, where I may “sweep away” my opponent’s foot, but my foot must always touch the ground, so it is not a kick in that sense.

My former club (Kickboxklub Berlin, Trainer Pierre Konz and Mike List) is located in the WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations). I have fought many tournaments and was Vice German Champion in the weight class up to 55 kg in 2004.

With the “professional” kickboxing (I trained 7 days a week) I stopped in 2005 for time reasons (woman has to finish with studying:-)). After that I led a women’s kickboxing group for 10 years, which unfortunately broke up at the end of 2015 because I am now very busy with my family and my job.

I like kickboxing because it is a very direct, almost straightforward martial art. Due to the strong influence of boxing, both competition and training are very physical. The techniques are individually jagged and in the combination supple, a little like dancing to Electro.

What fascinates me about the competition is that you have to face your opponent, you can’t run away, you have to get through it and it depends on how hard you’ve worked on yourself, how well you’ve been adjusted and what your daily form is. But there are no excuses, if you fought shit, if you fought shit, then nobody else is responsible but you. And if you win, you can be proud of yourself.

I can recommend kickboxing to anyone who wants to do a sport that challenges and promotes the whole body, who wants to face a physical and mental challenge and who wants to feel themselves more intensely. Both physically during and after training and psychologically, because it’s a big challenge to learn to hit others and to learn to withstand punches; to face a fight takes it to a higher level again.


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