Between bloody blows and an island paradise – a stick fight on Lombok

Between bloody blows and an island paradise – a stick fight on Lombok

Exciting it goes on! The lovely bumblebees in the ass tell of the island paradise Lombok. Surrounded by magnificent beaches and underwater worlds, you’ll find a spectacular event here at the right time. Stephan and Edith tell you exactly what it is exactly here and right now 🙂

A stopover in Tetebatu
Lombok stands for surfing. For climbing the Gunung Rinjani. And of course for the water world of the Gili Islands. But with some time in the luggage a stopover in Tetebatu is worthwhile. The small village south of the Gunung Rinjani National Park lies quietly and idyllically between the rice fields.

Everywhere homestays open their doors and offer a nice, partly traditional ambience and a fantastic view over the picturesque scenery of the hilly rice landscape.

We have a sublime view of Gunung Rinjani
Early in the morning, punctually with the rising sun, we set off to welcome the awakening day.

The short hike leads us along narrow paths through the glittering straws of rice in the sunlight. In the foggy haze we get an impressive view of the over 3700m high Gunung Rinjani, which rises majestically on the horizon in not too far distance.

Those who like can continue hiking to the nearby waterfalls or also visit the monkey forest nearby. But we are delighted by a ravishing morning that we round off with fresh coffee and a delicious breakfast with a magnificent view over the rice fields.

We almost feel our own physical torments
But the peaceful environment around Tetebatu also has its bloody sides. The blows of the sticks cut and hiss through the air. Large, gaping wounds adorn the upper body and faces.

But every single blow is underlined by a blissful, sometimes painful smile. With every hit we as spectators almost feel our own physical torments. But the fascination that emanates from the spectacle in the fighting arena convinces us more.


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